Beginning as a simple idea to connect a customer in need
to a service provider around the corner, Fix It Faster
now represents a paradigm shift in how customers find,
interact with, and manage service providers.

Fix It Faster uses real time geolocation data to connect customers to
service providers who are nearby, available and ready to work.

We believe there is a significant and increasing fraction of the population who
would not only prefer, but come to expect the convenience, promptness and
job-tracking features that come with a mobile first, on-demand solution.

Fix It Faster is the quality solution to fit our increasingly busy lifestyles.

Fix it Faster Be A Part of It

June, 06, 2017

pick up jobs close to where you are already
working- you set the distance

Fix it Faster Be Seen

June, 05, 2017

increase your client base by puttin your
business on the grid

Fix it Faster Build A Local Network

June, 28, 2017

Learn how to use the ReSound Micro Mic
with this easy to follow video

Fix it Faster Do It Your Way

June, 30, 2017

the more jobs you pick up with fix it faster, the less driving you will do



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