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Service Provider


Service Provider


When you’re checked in, customers near your location can request your services. Click here for a quick video on what it looks like to sign up and get a job from beginning to end.

The starting price is $25 a month for a sole service provider. You pay a subscription only – no commissions or paying for leads. 

Download the app, sign up and check in. It’s easy to get started, so don’t be afraid to play.

You handle payment as normal with your customer. If you accept credits or vouchers, Fix it Faster pays these directly to you.

Every Fixer on the platform must pass vetting, according to their trade or service, in order to receive a ‘Verified’ badge. This lets customers know you’re the real deal.

At a minimum, we require photo ID and liability insurance. Some services require further proof of qualification if a license is required to practice.

You always have the option to reject a job (rejected jobs are redirected another Fixer). Just let your customer know your reason.

You get paid by your customer as normal – any credits or vouchers they wish to use, we pay directly to you.

This is to ensure you can be visible to customers when you wish to be found, without having to keep the app open.


Service Provider


  1. Go to the Login page
  2. Click ‘Forgot password’
  3. Enter your email address (the one you signed up with and use to log in)
  4. Click ‘Send me a new password’
  5. Go to your email and click on the link provided
  6. Enter a new password
  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and click ‘Get Started’
  3. Click ‘No’ (if you have a service you would like to provide, select Yes)
  4. Click ‘OK’ and then select ‘Allow’ for location permissions. Your location is used to find the closest available service providers.
  5. Click ‘OK’ and allow push notifications so you can be notified about the status of service providers whose services you request.
  6. Click the ‘sign up’ button and fill out the form
On the home screen, you will see round buttons on the map, labelled with service types.
  1. Swipe through the list of available trade types and select one, e.g. ‘plumber’.
  2. You are now on the request page. You can swipe through the list of available service providers, or request the pre-selected service provider (Fix It Faster predicts who we think is the best for the job)
  3. Next to ‘When’ select the time you would like your service. By default, this is set to ‘ASAP’. Toggle this off to select up to three preferred dates and times.
  4. Enter a description of your issue or the work you need done. Providing more detail will increase the likelihood of a service provider accepting your job.
  5. Enter the address where you need the work done (if it is not already pre-filled)
  6. Enter your mobile number so you can be contacted by the service provider
  7. If you have a Voucher code, enter it now
  8. Take photos to send with your request
  9. Click ‘Submit Request’ – the service provider will be notified and can choose to accept your job
  10. Chat and receive updates on your service provider’s progress all within the app

They will have a ‘Fix It Faster Verified’ badge on their profile. The badge is given to service providers who have been fully vetted by Fix It Faster for trades licenses (where applicable), insurance, identification etc.

Yes, however a fee may be incurred.

Go to > Service Log. You will find a history of all the jobs you have previously requested.

Yes, we encourage you to leave feedback using the comments and ratings feature.

We encourage you to leave feedback in the form of a comment and a rating for all service providers you interact with. You may also contact the service provider or company directly.

If you would like a quote, request a service provider to view the work you require. They may charge a call out fee.

No. The transaction is between you and the service provider.

Fix It Faster does not charge a booking fee. However, refer to the service provider’s profile as a call out fee may be applicable. 
Note: Service providers are responsible for keeping their call out fee and hourly rate information up to date. Fix It Faster is not responsible for updating this information.

During promotions, Fix It Faster will offer Credits. These Credits may be used as cash (1 Credit = $0.20) against service providers who accept them.

During promotional periods, Credits will be earned when referring friends. Credits are earned when a friend signs up using your unique referral code. You can view your referral code in the app:

  1. Go to > Menu
  2. Go to > Invite friends.

Your code will be there.

Credits are created by Fix It Faster for you to use against any participating service provider. Businesses can offer Vouchers offering discounts for their services. Vouchers can only be used against the company offering the promotion.

  1. Go to > My Wallet
  2. Click ‘Use’ on the voucher you would like to use
  3. Submit your Job request as per normal.

Your voucher will then be automatically applied.

  1. Go to > Menu
  2. Go to > Profile
  3. Make your changes, then select ‘Done’
  1. Go to > Menu
  2. Go to > Settings
  3. Click ‘Change password’
  4. Enter your old password in the ‘old password’ field
  5. Enter your new password in the ‘new password’ field
  6. Click ‘Done’

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