Three sustainable changes you can make in your home today.


Wasteful is out. Sustainability is in. 

Sustainability is everything that wasteful is not: Good for your wallet, good for your conscious and good for the environment. 

1. Do the ‘scrunch’ test 👌

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN recycle plastic bags, chip packets, and snaplock bags and other soft and ‘scrunchy’ plastics. 🚨Wait, what?? Read on! 🚨

You can’t recycle them from your normal kerbside bins. BUT, you can recycle them at every Coles and Woolworths in Australia. Take your week’s worth of soft plastics to their ‘Red Cycle’ bin in store. They will recycle your soft plastics into fabulous new things. 

How do I know if it’s a ‘soft’ plastic?

Basically, if it’s plastic and it scrunches and doesn’t bounce back to shape, it’s a soft plastic and you can take it to Red Cycle.

Will this really make a difference?

It will make an insurmountable difference. 85% of our soft plastics end up in landfill. 

If we bury all of our non-biodegradable resources in the ground, we are rapidly on our way to running out of resources. We can’t make resources out of nothing!

2. Buy the imperfect picks 🍏

Every time you buy these, you are using your strongest voice to say: “I’d rather eat a piece of fruit with a slight imperfection than it end up disposed of”.

We can’t always shop at farmer’s markets where you see produce in all of their many beautiful shapes and sizes. 

So, if you do do your groceries at a big supermarkets with very high cosmetic standards for their ‘regular’ produce, use your voice to take a stand against unneccessary food waste and buy an imperfect pick!

Food waste costs the global economy $940 billion each year. We are throwing away food, and our money, for cosmetic standards. 

 3. Shop smart 😎

Australians throw out 20% of the food they buy. What the?

Not only is this a lot of money, food waste that decomposes in landfills releases methane which is more than 28 times more potent that carbon dioxide.

Compost the food waste that you can, and try buying skinny and you will slay at sustainability.